On the Eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula, connected to the Caribbean Sea, just beneath the rocky surface, lies the world’s largest network of submerged cave systems. Since the mid 1980’s more than 1000 Cave (Cenote) entrances have been discovered, and more than 1300km/800miles of underwater cave passage has been explored and surveyed. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as explorers make new discoveries and extend known systems every week.

Ox Bel Ha (Three Paths of Water) and Sac Aktun (The White Cave) are the two longest underwater cave systems in the world, both are within a 5 minute drive of our Tulum facility. There are 70+ other systems within a 30 minute drive.

Mexican caves are generally characterised by their complexity, low flow, shallow depths, extreme water clarity, and abundant decorations. Average depths are in the 12m/40ft range, with many much shallower, and a few much deeper. Visibility is often further than your light will penetrate, especially in the deeper salt water layer beneath the halocline (the interface between fresh and salt water). Swimming above the salt water layer can give one the impression of flying. Stalactites, stalagmites, columns, flow stones, draperies, travertine pools, soda straws, and many other decorative formations that we have no idea how to describe are the true signature of the Mexican cave diving experience.

Unlike other cave diving locations, the caves of the Riviera Maya are generally unaffected by weather, and diving is excellent 365 days per year.

Of course you can always rent a car, and look after yourself, and we are always happy to provide tanks and gas, directions and stick maps to make your life as easy as possible, but perhaps it could be a good idea to hire a professional guide with in-depth local knowledge…

Diving with us means you don’t need to deal with the drama of renting a vehicle, and trying to navigate unfamiliar territory. Diving with a guide doesn’t mean that you are blindly following someone, or even that the guide always leads from the front. With us, you will be expected to dive as an equal part of the team. We know the caves, we know the lines, we know what will suit your current level of diving and interests, but we expect you to contribute to the planning and execution of "our" dives. All dives will be progressive in nature, with the aim of preserving the cave environment, systems and lines are chosen according to team capacity. Think of it more as mentored diving, we think of it as diving with friends.

A day of guided diving can be anything from 3-4 'Intro to Cave' level dives, 2 basic cave dives in backmount or sidemount, stage, multi-stage, CCR and DPV dives, along with deep multi-stage trimix cave dives. Although not our normal area of focus, Cavern diving (cave diving within the daylight zone) can also be arranged.

With so much cave and such an enormous amount of diversity, we can assure you that each return visit will bring a fresh sense of personal exploration and discovery.

Tank rentals (per day) Amount
80/85cuft (11/13L) Manifolded doubles 10 USD
80cuft (11L) Stage bottle with rigging 5 USD
80/85cuft (11/13L) Sidemount bottle with modular valves 5 USD
40cuft (5.5L) Deco bottle with rigging 5 USD
Steel or Alloy CCR tank 5 USD

*Prices include daily rental, V/block weights and tax*


Gas fills Amount
Air (flat rate) 5 USD
32% EANx 6 USD
32% EANx @ 250bar/3600psi 9 USD
Oxygen (per cuft) 0.75 USD
Helium (per cuft) Variable


Standard gas mixes Amount
100% (40cuft / 5.5l) 30 USD
50% (80cuft / 11l) 21 USD
25/25 (80cuft / 11l)  
30/30 (80cuft / 11l)  
21/35 (80cuft / 11l)  
18/45 (80cuft / 11l)  
15/55 (80cuft / 11l)  
12/65 (80cuft / 11l)  
10/70 (80cuft / 11l)  

*Prices based on a cylinder filled to 3000psi/210bar*


Miscellaneous Amount
Sofnolime 44lb/20kg 300 USD
Sofnolime (per kg) 15 USD
Intersorb 44lb/20kg 245 USD
Intersorb (per kg) 12.25 USD
Rentals (per day) Amount
Halcyon Complete BC System 20 USD
Backplate/Harness 10 USD
Single or Double tank wing 10 USD
Halcyon/X-Deep Sidemount system 20 USD
Stage/Deco or Primary regulator 5 USD
Halcyon Focus 1.0/2.0 20 USD
Halcyon Flare Handheld 15 USD
Back-up light 5 USD
Mask 5 USD
Dive Computer 10 USD
Compass 5 USD
Jetfins with spring straps 5 USD
Wetsuit 10 USD
Drysuit 35 USD
Wetsuit Booties 5 USD
Suex XK1 or XJ37 DPV 85 USD

Cave & Cavern Guiding

One day of cave or cavern guiding is charged at $150 USD per person and includes transport along with our friendly expert service. (Tanks, gas, co2 absorbent, cenote entrances, and any rental equipment will be charged additionally.)



Ideally you will have your own personal diving equipment.

Should you not own your own equipment, or are struggling with airline weight restrictions, we can make equipment available to you for the duration of your stay.

Please do not go out and purchase equipment in preparation for your training before speaking with us, often time’s, well-meaning staff at your local LDS (or kind folk on the internet boards) will unknowingly point you in the wrong direction with unsuitable equipment.

We can help you "try before you buy" and if need be, help you source the appropriate equipment.