Our facilities

Our small but highly functional and friendly facility is based in the heart of Tulum, just a two-minute stroll from the main street, numerous accommodation options, and a vast array of restaurants and bars.

We have plenty of crates for your personal dive gear and space to hang drysuits and wetsuits. Long term storage is also available.

A clean and fully equipped workshop is provided for servicing, and any repairs or adjustments that may be needed. Small items such as regulator service kits, hoses, clips, bungee, and assorted spare parts are on hand.

Our spacious air-conditioned classroom is perfect for formal presentations, and end of day video debriefs.

We can provide a variety of cylinder options to fill your needs - both alloy 80 and steel 85 doubles and side mount, alloy stage bottles, and alloy 40’s for deco.

We provide 32% nitrox fills as our standard gas, pumped from our on-site compressor/membrane system. We have a Masterline electric gas booster and O2 clean blending station to provide HP O2 fills, deco gases, and any trimix you may require.

Full rebreather support is offered, with a variety of CCR tanks and CO2 absorbent (Sofnolime 797 and Intersorb) available. We usually have a variety of prefilled trimix bailout cylinders available for CCR divers to rent for deeper dives

Gas purity and accuracy can be verified with our O2, He and CO analysers.

Both back mount and side mount equipment can be made available to the travelling diver with luggage restrictions, or those who don’t yet have their own gear.

We have a good number of Suex XK1 and XJ37 DPV’s available for rent as well.

Spacious air-conditioned classroom.

Workshop and rebreather room.

Equipment area.