Wreck training

There are many people out there that will tell you that cave diver training is all you need to prepare you for wreck diving, and although they are both overhead environments and the training is very similar, in many ways they couldn’t be more different…

With close to 3000 technical wreck dives between us (many of which came during our time operating a technical dive center in Truk Lagoon), we have an intimate understanding of the risks in diving such an incredibly complicated, fragile and changeable environment.

We offer robust and challenging scenario based training designed to develop solid skill-sets, situational awareness, strong personal and team capacity, along with realistic advanced problem resolution. And perhaps most importantly, FUN is a big part of what we do as well :-)

If you don’t currently have very solid foundational skills (buoyancy, trim and propulsion) before embarking on wreck diver training, we would suggest that you invest the time in an Essentials or GUE Fundamentals program.
Our training is conducted locally on several wrecks off the coast of the Riviera Maya and Cozumel.

Additionally, we spend several weeks per year in Chuuk (Truk Lagoon) providing guiding and training for small groups of passionate divers wanting to experience some of the world’s finest wreck diving. If you are interested in joining one of our Truk Lagoon trips, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Wreck Training Programs (IANTD and TDI) Daily Rate Min. Duration
Essentials (Intro to Tech) Diver 250 USD 3 days
Sidemount Diver 250 USD 3 days
Wreck Diver 250 USD 3 days
Advanced Wreck Diver 270 USD 3 days
Technical Wreck Diver 270 USD 3 days


Combined Programs Daily Rate Min. Duration
Essentials or Sidemount + Wreck Diver 250 USD 5 days
Wreck + Advanced Wreck Diver 270 USD 5 days

Please note:
Included in our daily rate prices are transport, training fees, tanks, nitrox (back gas and deco gas), and cenote entrances. Not included in our daily rate prices are boat fees, DPV rental and Helium based gases.

Paper manuals are not included, but we can advise on where to download from, and additionally, we will provide you with a download file of supplemental information.

Certifications are an additional $25-$40 USD, depending on training agency.